Beer mats artwork
Public brand image
Public logo presented in ruins
Disassembled logotype.
Original Public logbook
Original logbook and handwriting.
Public pre-launch images
Pre-launch campaign using images of the closed bathroom with deconstructed lettering.
Public menu
Original Public handwriting
The original handwriting pulled from the logbook. The lazy kink and rhthym of the lettering apparent. K
Public pre-launch images
Public exterior sign
Exterior sign designed to use similar materials to the exterior area of the building and be sympathetic to the context of the location.
Public menu
Public print artwork
Public Scotch, Kombuca and Cocktail labels
Public website image
Simple website build.
Public brand image
Various Public altenrate icons
Public menu cover
Cocktail book format referencing the original found logbook.
Public is a table service bar in what was once a public bathroom built in 1896 alongside Sheffield Town Hall. The Public logotype was lifted — as an archeological artefact — from the logbook scribblings of a semi-literate bathroom attendant. The letterforms were dissassembled to create a playful visual language that could work without the persistence of a singular logo. This was paired with the typeface Maison, its utilitarian nature a contrast to the more gregarious lyric of the lead branding.